GQ Dubs DTLA "America's Next Great City"

People all over the world are poised to discover what we Los Angelenos already know - that DTLA is on the rise (for real this time) - thanks to a recent GQ article detailing the area's increasing levels of awesomeness.  We're thrilled to be part of this wild ride and hope you are too. Read the article and let us know your thoughts: photo by Peden+Monk

America's Next Great City Is Inside L.A.

by Brett Martin

For decades, Downtown has been the dark center of L.A.: a wasteland of half-empty office buildings and fully empty streets. But amid the glittering towers and crumbly Art Deco facades, a new generation of adventurous chefs, bartenders, loft dwellers, artists, and developers are creating a neighborhood as electrifying and gritty as New York in the '70s. Brett Martin navigates his way through the coolest new downtown in America...

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