Maker Sessions on iTunes & Speaker

Maker-Sessions-Cover Hey Podcasting community, Maker City LA is now on iTunes and Spreaker! For those of you unfamiliar with Maker City LA, we have a podcasting facility. We created this space so that journalists, hobbyists, full-time podcasters, students, and marketing professionals can bring guests and engineers into a professional environment to produce original content.

Plenty of content creators start off their podcast series in their garages or on school campuses. With a mission statement and a couple of friends, podcast producers set off to share their vision and voice with others.


But what happens when you get a chance to set up an international speaker to interview with you? What if your show gets picked up by a sponsor? Not everyone has a green room for guests or a soundproof studio.

That's where the Maker City LA podcast facility comes in. We have a café, guest green room, sofas, sound proof booths, professional vocal microphones, phone lines for call-in guests, Pro tools software, and a list of sound engineers for hire if you need technical help.

Media Lab To demonstrate what can be done in our facility, we put together the Maker Sessions. Each podcast episode highlights the talent and services based out of our location. It’s a great way to learn more about us as a space. Plus our to creative business and entrepreneur guests share their stories, industry tips and unique perspectives.

If you would like to listen in on the production quality of our facility, visit our Maker Sessions podcast page or subscribe to our series on iTunes & Spreaker. If your podcast series needs a production boost contact us for booking rates, tours and scheduling.

DSC_0945-2000 For those of you who just enjoy inside tips and appreciate creative culture, be sure to join us twice a month as we celebrate the Dreamers, the Creators and the Makers of Los Angeles.