ONA 2015 Video

11881620_710235319110102_588362955_n This fall, Maker City LA was invited to participate in the Online News Association Conference for 2015.

We were selected to showcase our services on the event Midway floor to journalist seeking tools and resources to improve their work flow. Maker City LA is a creative space and at its core a location to concentrate and collaborate on projects. Whether it's video production, writing, logistically organizing a conference, or launching an online company, we have space to sit down and get to work.


How do you explain creative work space to someone? Maker City LA is more than just Coworking desks. We have tools of the trade in fashion, video, and podcasting. Plus we have space to hold events for summits and parties. We are not an incubator, nor are we solely focused on technology & application development, though we have some of that going on too.

What sets us apart from the rest of the office leasing spaces or purely tech startup spaces is that we have the right mix of individuals and projects in a wide variety of industries and phases. This is our strength, a whole lot is happening on a single floor.


To communicate that, we teamed up with the audio talents of Harmonix and video talents of Apotheosis Entertainment. In a short amount of time, we set off to give journalists a peek at what Maker City LA has to offer in terms of work space.

The end result is a snapshot into the diverse mix of individuals coexisting in the same inspirational space. All the music was originally created by Harmonix and video interviews were conducted by Apotheosis Entertainment.

Check it out below:

ONA 2015 Maker City LA Video

We owe a big thank you to both creative teams for helping us capture and communicate what we are about. Another big thank you goes to Natalie Hemmens, Jayson Matthews, Miki Reynolds, and Diane Brigham for volunteering to participate and share their experience of Maker City LA.

Below are photographs of fellow Midway participants at the convention and a sneak peek of a 3D printer build kit that Legacy Games showcased. Don’t forget to view our video and if you find that you need work space, don’t hesitate to reach out!