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Alternative Apparel's uber cool culture and lifestyle blog, Common Thread gave Maker City LA some love the other day. Check out this article about LA's most creative coworking destinations:

Coworking Gets Creative in DTLA


When it comes to the creative class—artists, designers, writers, bloggers, entrepreneurs, inventors, and the like—every lifestyle choice is a reflection of who we are. From the clothes we wear to the coffee we drink, we reveal our individual interests, aesthetics, even our values. So it makes sense that considering how we work also comes into play in our professional lives.

Whether freelancer or full-timer, CEO or start-up, we’re all exploring new ways to work, collaborate and feel good about what we do. For creatives looking to network, stay inspired, and perhaps just a reason to get out of their pajamas and be more productive, coworking provides that community, collaborative energy and a sometimes much-needed push to pursue your passion.

In Downtown LA, cowork spaces have been around for several years as a place for mobile workers to plug in. But only in the last couple years have a few new hot spots sprung up that seem to be the talk of the town everywhere we go. Here we take a look at three that just might have something for every creative type. Plus, they each offer free day passes or tours to test the coworking waters and see where you feel most at home...

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