David Jonathan Ross

TypeFace Revealed and Revered at Backasswards!

  David Jonathan Ross's Wild West font, Manicotti

Last week, fans of font from far and wide convened at Maker City LA for a typographic speaker series presented by Los Angeles Is Just My Type (LAIJMT) Meetup Group featuring celebrated type designer David Jonathan Ross.  Ross, who works at The Font Bureau, shared a riveting history on the art of typography, with a particular focus on his favorite variety: reversed stress typefaces. From Gothic Italian to Playbill to Arbor to Trilby...Tua...Estro...his own creation, Manicotti - and seemingly every other typeface in between -  Ross made it perfectly clear that this isn't the only period in history when there have been too many fonts to choose from!

reversebeautyrewardbristoldrawingfav tf


Check out these choice tweets from the event and be on the lookout for information about the next font-abulous LAIJMT Meet-up!