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Sock Puppet Sitcom Theater Presents The Media Lab At Maker City LA

Still curious about what the Media Lab at Maker City LA has to offer? Our friends from the Sock Puppet Sitcom Theater demonstrate everything DTLA's newest production facility has to offer in this nifty video:

Special thanks to the cast and crew (listed below) for making this magic happen!

Starring the Sock Puppet Theater Sitcom, Los Angeles (

Writer, Director & Producer: Mark Hayward (

Cinematographer, Director, & Producer: Suzanne Strong (

Voice Actress: Stephanie Riggio (

Production Assistants/Sock Puppeteers: Heather Bejar, Joe LeMieux and Tony Bay

Editor: Jamie Kennedy

Color Editor: Suzanne Strong

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Downtown L.A. development spreading south with planned SoLA Village

la-la-fi-sola-village02-jpg-20140604 The LA Times just ran a story about an exciting 7.5 acre development project in the works for our South Los Angeles neighborhood. The project is being developed by the people behind Maker City LA, The Reef, and sister property Atwater Crossing, and will be designed by award-winning architecture firm, Gensler .

Should it go forward, the development will be called SoLa Village and will include a mix of commercial and residential space, incorporating "skyscrapers and low- and mid-rise residential buildings along with outdoor plazas and terraces intended to create a pedestrian-oriented community".

Read the entire story here:


Digital Journal Covers TechShop LA Town Hall

We are always thrilled to get great coverage of our events, like this first hand account of last week's TechShop LA town hall meeting by Digital Journal writer and hacker space advocate Matt Terndrup: Fabrication Studio TechShop is coming to Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles - Imagine a place where you can build whatever you want. There are tools you can use, people to talk to, and skills to learn.

Creative environments are popping up all across the world where like-minded people come together to create Do-It-Yourself projects, starts businesses, and develop rapid prototypes. They are named hackerspaces, makerspaces, fabrication studios, and fab labs; each of which specializes in their own niche field of work.

Near the center of this DIY maker movement, where just about anyone can build something for cheap, is a chain of member-based workshops called TechShop. This company was founded by previous Mythbusters advisor Jim Newton and part-time computer science professor Ridge McGhee. Jim’s vision was to establish a place where people can learn new skills while having access to industrial tools. In October 2006, they set up their 1st shop in Menlo Park, California. Over the next few years, TechShop grew into a vibrant, creative community of artists, makers, engineers, startup enthusiasts, and everyone in-between.

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TechShop Los Angeles Town Hall: Tech & Innovation in LA Twitter Recap

techshop floorMaker Manifesto Earlier this week, TechShop CEO Mark Hatch  returned to Maker City LA at The REEF to lead a discussion about the state of LA's tech and innovation landscape with special guests Ava Bromberg (The REEF SVP),  Michelle Garakian (Office of Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti) and Brent Bushnell (CEO of Two Bit Circus). Local tech innovators, maker community members, entrepreneurs and potential investors came out to join the conversation and to support TechShop's efforts to open a 9th outpost  at The REEF, in downtown LA.

Check out these choice tweets from the event:

In March, TechShop announced plans to open in downtown Los Angeles at The REEF. For more information on investing and/or joining the campaign to bring TechShop to Los Angeles, go to

 Big thanks to new Maker City LA community member Consensus Inc. for live tweeting this event!


Los Angeles, I’m Yours to Curate Lobby Art for Maker City LA

jesse-tise-grid-world-flyer We are thrilled to announce that we've tapped local design, culture and lifestyle website, Los Angeles, I’m Yours to curate an ongoing series of  art installations for our lobby! The first of these will feature the artwork of LA-based illustration designer Jesse Tise and we're having a big party next Friday, May 23rd to celebrate this collaboration and Jesse's big reveal of GRID WORLD!  For more details about the event and to read LAIY founder Kyle Fitzpatrick's latest blog post about this awesome partnership, click on the link below and stay tuned for more exciting lobby art news!





Mayor Eric Garcetti Visits Maker City LA at The REEF


Last night The Office of Mayor Eric Garcetti hosted a reception for the African & African American Commissioners of Los Angeles at Maker City LA at The REEF.  Among other things, Mayor Garcetti touched on the potential for leadership in entrepreneurship and innovation to boost job growth and commerce in LA.

photo 1photo 3

Our musically inclined Mayor then charmed guests with a mini jam session before taking a tour of Maker City LA and heading out for the evening.

Click the link below to watch a short video Mayor Garcetti on the keyboard!


It was an honor to host this event at The REEF. Many thanks to The Office of Mayor Eric Garcetti.

FGILA event at The Atelier at Maker City LA

photo 1 On Tuesday, April 29th Fashion Group International's Los Angeles chapter (FGILA) hosted a stylish event at The Atelier - our brand new workroom and event space for fashion, accessory and jewelry designers.  A robust and fashionable crowd was on hand for cocktails and conversation, with industry experts and insiders, about fashion, design and commerce in the digital age.

Panelists included:

Kendra Gratteri, Director of Merchandising, BeachMint

Alle Fister, Principal, Bollare

Rachel Pally, fashion designer

N. Jayne SewardVeryVeryChic

Nicolas Ullah, Director of Marketing US at TrendStop

Kelsi Smith of LA Fashion CouncilStylesmith and Two Point Oh! LA Moderated the conversation.

* special thanks to sponsors Om Cocktails and Artisan House

Check out pics from this event below and be on the lookout for more fashion events at The Atelier at Maker City LA!

photo 2spreadpanel stagephoto 3om cocktailsfashionable ladies





costume cafe LA-based costume designer and host of the darling Costume Cafe Podcast, Colleen Monroe recently interviewed our very own Ava Bromberg about the vision behind The REEF, Maker City LA, and The Atelier - our one-of-a kind creative work-space for fashion/costume/accessory designers and textile artists!  It should be noted that this interview took place in the podcast studio, conveniently located  in our very own Media Lab! Listen to the full interview here or check out the highlights below:


Ava Bromberg


Urban Planner and Visionary who creates creative spaces for designers and makers to collaborate and learn from one another to forge new breakthroughs in design

Recent Project:

The Reef: A Creative Habitat, Los Angeles, California

Podcast Quote:

"Costume and Fashion Designers have really been isolated in their own silo, and I think ideally, they should be in a community with other creators, as well as, learning other skills that help them as 21st century creatives."

- Ava Bromberg

Common Thread Love

Alternative Apparel's uber cool culture and lifestyle blog, Common Thread gave Maker City LA some love the other day. Check out this article about LA's most creative coworking destinations:

Coworking Gets Creative in DTLA


When it comes to the creative class—artists, designers, writers, bloggers, entrepreneurs, inventors, and the like—every lifestyle choice is a reflection of who we are. From the clothes we wear to the coffee we drink, we reveal our individual interests, aesthetics, even our values. So it makes sense that considering how we work also comes into play in our professional lives.

Whether freelancer or full-timer, CEO or start-up, we’re all exploring new ways to work, collaborate and feel good about what we do. For creatives looking to network, stay inspired, and perhaps just a reason to get out of their pajamas and be more productive, coworking provides that community, collaborative energy and a sometimes much-needed push to pursue your passion.

In Downtown LA, cowork spaces have been around for several years as a place for mobile workers to plug in. But only in the last couple years have a few new hot spots sprung up that seem to be the talk of the town everywhere we go. Here we take a look at three that just might have something for every creative type. Plus, they each offer free day passes or tours to test the coworking waters and see where you feel most at home...

read entire article here.


TechShop Town Hall Twitter Recap

IMG_0367IMG_0374 Last week we broke awesome news that TechShop has plans not only to come to LA, but to make The REEF (where Maker City LA is based) their latest home!  Friday evening, the San Francisco-based company's CEO Mark Hatch and Founder Jim Newton lead an invigorating information session at Maker City LA about the significance and influence of the Maker Movement.  They also shared details about the facility as well as the goals for funding and membership commitment to be achieved over the next four months in order to make TechShop Los Angeles a reality.

Here's a sampling of choice tweets from the evening:

Needless to say, we are thrilled about the impending presence of TechShop LA, as it will lead to unprecedented opportunities for collaboration and plenty of DIY goodness for the Maker City LA community.

For more information on investing and/or joining the campaign to bring TechShop to Los Angeles, go to

Maker City LA Welcomes Artist In Residence Mileece

  mileece_MoMa MoMA PS1 and VOLKSWAGEN Dinner and Party to Celebrate Opening of EXPO1: New York

Maker City LA is proud to announce the residency of LA-based experience designer & sonic artist, Mileece. Her work ‘promoting ecology through technology and the arts’ has brought her international critical acclaim as a composer and installation artist. Mileece will use the Artist in Residence space at Maker City LA  to conceive and create interactive objects and experiences for a number of projects  including a first-of-its-kind interactive eco-classroom at the Lycée International Français in Los Angeles and an installation at the Santa Barbara Museum of Art. We know that her presence will enrich and inspire our community.

Mileece's artist residency at Maker City LA runs through April-August 2014.

Sign up for our newsletter (and check the events calendar periodically) for  information about events and open "studio hours" for Mileece.

The AIR @ Maker City LA program provides free work and exhibition space for emerging artists to work on projects that further their artistic and creative vision while inspiring the Maker City LA community. Click here for more information. 

More about Mileece: 

Mileece is an experience designer & sonic artist, working as a renewable energy ambassador.

Formations’, her debut album, inspired by cycles and formations in nature (“beautiful, real, musical science”, BBC), was the result of her initial works in computer generated compositions, using Super Collider, an object-oriented programming language.

Its success led her on international tours with the Icelandic pop group Múm and landed her a residency at BOX Innovation Centre at the London School of Economics. There, hailed by the likes of Brian Eno, she created her first interactive ‘Aesthetic Sonification’ installation with hand-made sensor based instruments and initiated the design and development of TreeWe’vr, a technology platform enabling Human/Plant communication through sound.

Presented as the installation series ‘Soniferous Eden’, TreeWe’vr has toured an array of prestigious museums, festivals and venues in Europe and the US.

Initially developed for her touring solo sonic performance work with the Centre Dramatique National, France, and featured on Arté TV, Mileece’s interactive works include a series of handmade found & felted forest remnants, turned wearable sensor-based instruments generating music live from coded compositions.

Also an avid field recording artist, her recent performances at the MoMA, NYC & Decibel Festival Seattle, combined her recordings from Canadian icebergs to the Costa Rican Jungle with live generative music from her wearable instruments and the TreeWe’vr plant interface, along with vocals, acoustic instruments and orchestration. Complimented by live generative visuals incorporating plant data, these performance debuted excerpts from her forthcoming work on a series of ‘sonic films’ concentrating on the themes of ecology, culture and philosophy.

Mileece is currently the resident artist at the Lycée International Français in Los Angeles where she has recently converted a 1996 school bus into a ‘travelling interactive forest’ and is installing the first permanent zero-emission TreeWe’vr Pod as an interactive eco-classroom in a geo-dome.

She also sits on the Board of Directors of Cygnus Atratus Group for fuel cell innovation helping to promote renewable energy based arts and culture, advance fuel cell manufacturing and promote waste to energy markets.

Media Lab Photo Shoot with Vere Verto

Lights, camera, action!  We're pleased to announce that the Maker City LA Media Lab is open for business!  We've got edit bays, a sound stage/photo studio and podcast studio all in one place for your content creating pleasure. cristyphoto

Our first photo shoot - with uber-cool LA-based leather bag line, Vere Verto - is underway as I type. A flurry of other creative production has taken place at Maker City LA  in recent weeks  - from casting sessions and table reads to indie-film shoots - and with  Jon Setzen and Bobby Solomon's design and technology podcast,  The Build Up,  recording bi-monthly from our digs, we're creating  a thriving one-stop production destination in DTLA!

Interested in Media Lab rates and bookings? Email today.

Enjoy this behind-the-scenes look at the Vere Verto shoot.

Vere Verto photo shoot makeupphoto 5 (4)photo 3 (5)photo 3 (4)photo 4 (4)computerphoto (2)




Here’s our official first piece of press, and it's a love letter to Maker City LA.“What if a maker had every type of tool and space and community accessible to them? It doesn’t matter if you are out of school or a young designer who has a home office? That’s the vision. We know tons of bloggers and creators of all sorts who can’t access those traditional ways of establishing yourself. This helps little fish and big fish thrive in a big environment and be cool with multiple definitions of success.”We're so proud that others are starting to take notice of what a special thing we have going on here at Maker City LA. This is just the beginning...


Hopefully those that attended the dublab event on Saturday September 21 had a fabulous time. Seen below, super-rad black-light ping pong:
The night featured musical performances, DJ sets, film projections, live screen-printing, food trucks, beer & wine bar, art activations and a gathering of LA’s creative community. See more pictures.
That's all for now; there's plenty of Maker City LA goodness right around the corner.