President Obama Visits TechShop, Pittsburgh; Joins the Maker Movement!

President Obama learns from Terry Sandin about the injection molder, a machine at TechShop Pittsburgh in Bakery Square. (Rebecca Droke/Post-Gazette) Read more: http://www.post-gazette.com/local/city/2014/06/17/Obama-arrives-in-Pittsburgh/stories/201406170170#ixzz352yiQHdz Yesterday, President Obama visited a TechShop location in Pittsburgh's Bakery Square neighborhood where he spoke about  innovation in manufacturing and the importance of  high-tech resource sharing. These are all things that TechShop is delivering to communities across the country and why we're so thrilled about the movement to bring a TechShop facility to LA.

Read The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette's coverage of the Prez's high-tech visit here.