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Maker City LA Welcomes Artist In Residence Mileece

  mileece_MoMa MoMA PS1 and VOLKSWAGEN Dinner and Party to Celebrate Opening of EXPO1: New York

Maker City LA is proud to announce the residency of LA-based experience designer & sonic artist, Mileece. Her work ‘promoting ecology through technology and the arts’ has brought her international critical acclaim as a composer and installation artist. Mileece will use the Artist in Residence space at Maker City LA  to conceive and create interactive objects and experiences for a number of projects  including a first-of-its-kind interactive eco-classroom at the Lycée International Français in Los Angeles and an installation at the Santa Barbara Museum of Art. We know that her presence will enrich and inspire our community.

Mileece's artist residency at Maker City LA runs through April-August 2014.

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The AIR @ Maker City LA program provides free work and exhibition space for emerging artists to work on projects that further their artistic and creative vision while inspiring the Maker City LA community. Click here for more information. 

More about Mileece: 

Mileece is an experience designer & sonic artist, working as a renewable energy ambassador.

Formations’, her debut album, inspired by cycles and formations in nature (“beautiful, real, musical science”, BBC), was the result of her initial works in computer generated compositions, using Super Collider, an object-oriented programming language.

Its success led her on international tours with the Icelandic pop group Múm and landed her a residency at BOX Innovation Centre at the London School of Economics. There, hailed by the likes of Brian Eno, she created her first interactive ‘Aesthetic Sonification’ installation with hand-made sensor based instruments and initiated the design and development of TreeWe’vr, a technology platform enabling Human/Plant communication through sound.

Presented as the installation series ‘Soniferous Eden’, TreeWe’vr has toured an array of prestigious museums, festivals and venues in Europe and the US.

Initially developed for her touring solo sonic performance work with the Centre Dramatique National, France, and featured on Arté TV, Mileece’s interactive works include a series of handmade found & felted forest remnants, turned wearable sensor-based instruments generating music live from coded compositions.

Also an avid field recording artist, her recent performances at the MoMA, NYC & Decibel Festival Seattle, combined her recordings from Canadian icebergs to the Costa Rican Jungle with live generative music from her wearable instruments and the TreeWe’vr plant interface, along with vocals, acoustic instruments and orchestration. Complimented by live generative visuals incorporating plant data, these performance debuted excerpts from her forthcoming work on a series of ‘sonic films’ concentrating on the themes of ecology, culture and philosophy.

Mileece is currently the resident artist at the Lycée International Français in Los Angeles where she has recently converted a 1996 school bus into a ‘travelling interactive forest’ and is installing the first permanent zero-emission TreeWe’vr Pod as an interactive eco-classroom in a geo-dome.

She also sits on the Board of Directors of Cygnus Atratus Group for fuel cell innovation helping to promote renewable energy based arts and culture, advance fuel cell manufacturing and promote waste to energy markets.