The People's Choice Nomination

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Maker City LA was nominated for The People's Choice Award. This award goes to the best place to work. Happy City organized this category which included various other leaders of Los Angeles making impactful change.

The #makechange awards luncheon was held at facilities of The California Endowment, a private health foundation that provides grants to community-based organizations throughout California

Into The Dark - Evening Darkroom at School of Light


January 14th - February 16 2016

New B & W Film Foundation Class at The School of Light. Discover the art and craft of traditional black and white photography. Process and print from your own negatives in our state of the art darkroom.

Into the Dark at The School of Light gives participants the opportunity to rediscover the craft and magic of processing and printing from film, as well as a deep exploration into the art and principles of shooting in black and white.

Through a dynamic series of real-world assignments, group critiques and a study of the 20th century’s greatest exponents of the art, this course will introduce you to the expressive possibilities of film!

Visit for details.

You made our 2015!


Engaging talks, creative brainstorms, seasonal conferences, informative summits, & edgy fashion shows, made 2015 an unforgettable year. Maker City LA would like to wish all of you a Happy Holiday Season and a safe New Year.

Visit us in January for more art, culture, design, and innovation. We are accepting early 2016 reservations. Reach us at for venue bookings.

Maker Sessions on iTunes & Speaker

Maker-Sessions-Cover Hey Podcasting community, Maker City LA is now on iTunes and Spreaker! For those of you unfamiliar with Maker City LA, we have a podcasting facility. We created this space so that journalists, hobbyists, full-time podcasters, students, and marketing professionals can bring guests and engineers into a professional environment to produce original content.

Plenty of content creators start off their podcast series in their garages or on school campuses. With a mission statement and a couple of friends, podcast producers set off to share their vision and voice with others.


But what happens when you get a chance to set up an international speaker to interview with you? What if your show gets picked up by a sponsor? Not everyone has a green room for guests or a soundproof studio.

That's where the Maker City LA podcast facility comes in. We have a café, guest green room, sofas, sound proof booths, professional vocal microphones, phone lines for call-in guests, Pro tools software, and a list of sound engineers for hire if you need technical help.

Media Lab To demonstrate what can be done in our facility, we put together the Maker Sessions. Each podcast episode highlights the talent and services based out of our location. It’s a great way to learn more about us as a space. Plus our to creative business and entrepreneur guests share their stories, industry tips and unique perspectives.

If you would like to listen in on the production quality of our facility, visit our Maker Sessions podcast page or subscribe to our series on iTunes & Spreaker. If your podcast series needs a production boost contact us for booking rates, tours and scheduling.

DSC_0945-2000 For those of you who just enjoy inside tips and appreciate creative culture, be sure to join us twice a month as we celebrate the Dreamers, the Creators and the Makers of Los Angeles.

ONA 2015 Video

11881620_710235319110102_588362955_n This fall, Maker City LA was invited to participate in the Online News Association Conference for 2015.

We were selected to showcase our services on the event Midway floor to journalist seeking tools and resources to improve their work flow. Maker City LA is a creative space and at its core a location to concentrate and collaborate on projects. Whether it's video production, writing, logistically organizing a conference, or launching an online company, we have space to sit down and get to work.


How do you explain creative work space to someone? Maker City LA is more than just Coworking desks. We have tools of the trade in fashion, video, and podcasting. Plus we have space to hold events for summits and parties. We are not an incubator, nor are we solely focused on technology & application development, though we have some of that going on too.

What sets us apart from the rest of the office leasing spaces or purely tech startup spaces is that we have the right mix of individuals and projects in a wide variety of industries and phases. This is our strength, a whole lot is happening on a single floor.


To communicate that, we teamed up with the audio talents of Harmonix and video talents of Apotheosis Entertainment. In a short amount of time, we set off to give journalists a peek at what Maker City LA has to offer in terms of work space.

The end result is a snapshot into the diverse mix of individuals coexisting in the same inspirational space. All the music was originally created by Harmonix and video interviews were conducted by Apotheosis Entertainment.

Check it out below:

ONA 2015 Maker City LA Video

We owe a big thank you to both creative teams for helping us capture and communicate what we are about. Another big thank you goes to Natalie Hemmens, Jayson Matthews, Miki Reynolds, and Diane Brigham for volunteering to participate and share their experience of Maker City LA.

Below are photographs of fellow Midway participants at the convention and a sneak peek of a 3D printer build kit that Legacy Games showcased. Don’t forget to view our video and if you find that you need work space, don’t hesitate to reach out!










CalArts Partners with The Reef/Maker City LA on Artist Residency Program

IA11_Web_ArtistInResidenceGENHdr Maker City LA is proud to announce a partnership with California Institute for The Arts (CalArts), whereby the internationally recognized institution for the performing and visual arts will program a joint CalArts/REEF/Maker City LA  residency through September 2015.

This program offers CalArts graduates from the School of Critical Studies and the School of Art a unique opportunity to continue their ambitious practices in a public context as they transition from the institution. The CalArts REEF residency fosters a significant connection between writing and art making and aims to select artists whose projects require the support of a studio and resources at crucial points in their early careers.

We are thrilled to welcome the following artists into the program:

Elliot Vrendenburg – MA, School of Critical Studies, Aesthetics and Politics Program

Emerson Whitney – MFA, School of Critical Studies, Creative Writing Program

Danielle Bustillo – MFA, School of Art, Art and Technology Program

Eve Lauryn La Fountain –MFA, School of Art, Photo and Media Program and School of Film/Video, Film/Video Program

These graduates promise to fulfill diverse and engaged studio projects over the next six months. We look forward to seeing their work as they progress through their residencies.

The current residency runs April - September, 2015 in the Maker City LA AIR space (suite 1150)

Stay tuned...

The Reef named as one of DTLA's Tech Boom Instigators in LA Times Piece

Loving this nod to Maker City home base, The Reef, as a major player in the DTLA tech start-up scene. Check out the choice except and link to full Los Angeles Times article below:

Another building transformed by the tech economy is the LA Mart, a longtime center for trade that in recent years added a creative space for tech and design companies. The building was rebranded the Reef, which Senior Vice President Ava Bromberg said is meant to conjure a "complete creative habitat" that spurs innovation.

General Assembly — an education institution that offers courses in tech, design and business — opened a downtown L.A. campus at the Reef in December. A venture capital firm recently leased space in the building, and over the next few months, TechShop — a chain of member-based workshops that provides access to tools, training and space — plans to build out a 20,000-square-foot facility there.

Read the full article here.

LA Collections Produces Best Instagram Pics of LA Fashion Week

The Los Angeles Times did a nice piece on the best instagram pics from LA Fashion Week, and several of the font- runners came from the LA Collections, which (as you know if you follow our SM feeds) took place here last week! Here's a peak at some of the pics:




Read the full story here.


Introducing Hamonix Sound Creators And our New and improved Podcast/Audio Recording Studio!

Processed with MoldivWe're excited to announce a partnership with Harmonix Sound Creators, a new creative audio engineering company that's taken up residence in our new and improved Media Lab facility. In addition to the sound stage/photo studio, edit bays, lighting equipment and podcast capabilities previously offered, visitors to our facility now have access to a full suite of Sound-FX, mixing and music production services. Consider our game UPPED! Schedule a tour of our state-of-the-art production facility today and get ready to MAKE things happen.



photo 13 We are excited to announce that Maker City LA has teamed up with the LA Fashion Council once again, and will be hosting the organization's signature LA Collections F/W '15 shows and presentations March 10-12! Designers can visit for application information; stay tuned for more news! the meantime, enjoy this video recap of the S/S LA Collection Shows at Maker City LA:

Maker City LA Presents Marie Joxe-Collins (Our New Artist In Residence)!

SELMA-WANG-2 We are proud to announce the residency of LA-based visual artist and storyteller, Marie Joxe-Collins.

Marie will use the Artist in Residence space at Maker City LA to exhibit an audiovisual pitch installation on her film Selma & Wang.

“Selma, 12, survivor of an ecological disaster, finds under her bed, Wang, a cute, yet very powerful monster that shows her how to travel from RealTime to DreamTime, until one night they both get stuck in between and they have to combine their creative minds to go back to a new Reality.”

Marie will share her creative process in workshops and online presence and will edit the final trailer of the film with your imput! Stay tuned!

February – March, 2015 Suite 1150


For more about the AIR program or to apply, go here.